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Only the finest yarns from around the world and locally are used in Scarves By Auntie Do. Yarns range from warm, soft luxurious chenille's with a velvety feel, to kicky threads with a light, feathery touch. Sequins in all shades give the scarves that glitzy look that twinkle in the light. Eyelash threads of metallic can also be woven throughout the scarf.

"Inspired by novel fabrics and rich colors, the items we can create are endless!"___Dawn

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Scarves by Auntie Do - Material Image 1
Thin hair-like strands that float like feathers across the surface.
Scarves by Auntie Do - Material Image 2
Shorter eyelash-like strands that are woven close together, giving a thick, furry effect-- straight or curly in texture.
Scarves by Auntie Do - Material Image 3
Wide, flat yarn with a silky or matte finish often used in fringe and tassles.



Scarves by Auntie Do - Material Image 4
Fringe / Tassle
Can be solid or incorporate complimentary or contrasting yarns used in the scarf.