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Using creative energy comes naturally to Dawn, the founder of Scarves by Auntie Do. For the past 30 years, Dawn has used her creative talents every day as a hairstylist, creating new looks for her customers. When she isn't knitting scarves, she is running "HAIRizons by Dawn," the salon she has owned and operated for the past 18 years. (A large selection of her scarves are on display at the salon in Ironton, Pennsylvania.) View a recent newspaper article

For most of her professional life, Dawn has partnered with ZOTO's International. She has traveled thoughout the United States and abroad at expositions and training conferences. During that time, she met a wide variety of international artists, from whom she not only acquired skills but also great ideas.

"And that has made all the difference…" says Dawn, “keeping my creative side stimulated."

Spending time with her two nieces and three nephews is one of Dawn's greatest joys. Twins Jill and Corey inspired the name for the business. When they were toddlers, they gave her the nickname Auntie Do because they could not pronounce her name. Although they are now grown, they still fondly call her Auntie Do.

Founding Scarves by Auntie Do was a natural progression for Dawn, who began to crochet as a child, taught by her mother, Irene."I've always loved sharing my creations with others," she says, "I like to make people feel good about themselves and when wearing my accessories, hopefully they will feel pampered and special."

Dawn personally knits the one-of-a-kind scarves using a variety of beautifully colored yarns, consisting of polyester, rayon, acrylic, nylon or mixes of those and many other materials. Typically, three or more different materials are used in one creation, often combining a soft thick yarn with a complimentary ribbon or eyelash to embellish it. Other common materials include sequins, alpaca yarn, railroad ribbon, fun fur and natural yarns. Fringe or tassels are added to give more flare to these items.

"You can't go many places without being stopped by an admirer wanting to pay a compliment," says Dawn, "ENJOY accenting your personality with a unique Auntie Do Scarf made just for you."